In South Korea, a Vessel-Rescuer of Submarines

The ship ASR-II, which is being created by Korean shipbuilders together with DAPA, the defense procurement agency, will be able to independently carry out the most complicated operations connected with the rescue of submarines. It is reported that it is adapted for the evacuation of submarine personnel from a depth of up to 500 meters.

The specialty of the ship will be a special mine, along which a deep-sea vehicle can descend to a submarine in distress. It is also noted that the ASR-II is designed for operations in strong sea waves.

Vessels of this type are used by the naval forces of many countries. The Russian Navy in 2016 received one of the most modern vessels for the search and rescue of submarines – the ship “Igor Belousov”, built on the project 21300С

The ASR-II, which is expected to feature a helicopter deck and reach speeds of up to 20 kt, will feature a ‘centre well’ (moon pool) through which deep-sea rescue vessels (DSRVs) will be deployed to rescue the crews of distressed submarines at depths of up to 500 m amid waves as tall as 4 m.Auxiliary_Submarine_Rescue_ASR-II_ROK_Navy_South_Korea_DSME

The ‘centre well’ will also allow for broader submarine support operations in addition to underwater exploration, according to DAPA.


Source: Maritime New of Russia