Somalian pirates hijacked the Pakistani cargo ship Salama 1

Dhow cargo shipSomalian pirates hijacked the Pakistani cargo ship Salama 1 off the coast of Hobyo in the central part of the country, reported several local and US media. The Pakistani-owned boat was carrying food, headed toward Somali coast to Kismayo, when was attacked by motor skiff with armed men on board. They captured the cargo vessel and took control, heading to Elhur town, near the port of Hobyo Puntland. The cargo ship Salama 1 was anchored there and was boarded by other armed men. Probably the pirates already robbed the vessel, but there is no much additional information if their succeeded to get in contact with the shipowner.

The number of crew on board of the hijacked cargo ship Salama 1 remains unknown, but United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) is trying to get in contact with the pirates.

The report quoted Somali officials, but Pakistan has yet to confirm the reports.

The attack is fourth in last weeks after years of calm shipping in the region. Hobyo was a central base for Somali pirates who hijacked dozens of ships for ransom earlier this decade.