Somali pirates hijacked dhow fishing boat to use as mothership

Dhow shipThe maritime police forces of Somalian semi-autonomous northern region of Puntland reported that pirates hijacked local dhow fishing boat, which will be used for mothership for attack of new vessels. The Yemeni crew aboard the hijacked boat were dumped on shore and allowed to return home, but their vessel was seized by armed people. The accident was reported to local authorities and during the investigation the locals confirmed that pirates from northern village Marrayo had gone to hunt potential targets. The hijacking of the dhow fishing boat was not done for ransom or kidnapping the news, but to take their boat and use it for mothership for attacking of merchant vessels in vicinity. The EU Naval Force raised the security level and will continue their mission in Gulf of Aden.

“We understand that pirates hijacked the fishing vessel to hijack a big ship off the ocean”, said the head of maritime police forces of Somalian semi-autonomous northern region of Puntland, Abdirahman Mohamud. “They dropped its 10 Yemeni crew and a Somali guard inland and disappeared with the boat together with the food, cook, captain and engineer”, added he.

The news come just several days after the first hijacking in the region for nearly three years. Last week Somali pirates hijacked product tanker Aris 13 near the Horn of Africa. The tanker and all its crew were taken as hostages, but a few days later were released user the attacks of local naval forces and pressure from the local businessmen who chartered the vessel.