Six seamen were kidnapped during piracy attack against cargo ship n Gulf of Guinea

Pirates AttackSix seamen were kidnapped after general cargo ship was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea on 32 nautical miles southwest off Bonny island in Nigeria, reported International Maritime Bureau (IMB). The vessel was underway, when was approached by fast boat with armed men on board, who succeeded to board her and to take control. The pirates robbed the cabins and took six crew members as hostages and fled away. The crew of the general cargo ship reported the accident to Nigerian navy and proceeded to Bonny anchorage, where successfully docked for further investigation.

According to the piracy report, the accident occurred in position 03 59N and 006 46E on 21 nautical miles south off Nigerian Coast and 32 nautical miles southwest off Bonny island.

There were no reported injuries among the crew during the piracy attack. The local authorities started investigation for the case and will keep in contact with shipowner for resolution of the kidnapping accident. Due to safety reasons they do not reveal the nationality of the crew and the ship’s name.

Gulf of Guinea is one of the hotspots for piracy during the last years, as most of them happen south of Nigerian Delta, where are operating a lot of groups of separatists and well trained ex-militants.