Shipping Suspended In Macao and Hong Kong; On High Alert For Typhoon Khanum (VIDEO)

Hong Kong and Macao today declared a level 8 alert (up to a maximum of ten) in the face of typhoon Khanum, which includes major restrictions on air, sea and road traffic.

Macau (a peninsula and an island) suspended all shipping and public buses, while a total of 61 flights have been canceled.

In addition, Portuguese excolonia authorities have recommended that citizens and tourists stay inside homes and hotels and be alert to signs of flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

In Hong Kong, many ferries to the islands surrounding the Kowloon peninsula have been suspended, as do most of the public transport buses, officials said.

Some cancellations and delays have already been announced at the airport, although more are expected during the course of the day. All school activities scheduled for today have also been suspended.

The Hong Kong Meteorological Observatory has advised people not to practice water sports and not to approach the coasts, as some floods are expected due to heavy rainfall and higher than normal tide.

The Chinese authorities issued an orange alert (the second in seriousness) on Saturday and ordered ships in the affected areas not to leave port.

Khanum has sustained winds of about 120 kilometers per hour with gusts of up to 180, and is expected to touch land Monday morning on the Chinese island of Hainan (southeast).