The Shipowner Threw the Ship Moryak and his Crew in the Kerch Strait

Twelve seamen from the ship “Moryak” (IMO 8881266, the flag of Palau) were in distress. The ship owner threw the crew to the mercy of fate near Kerch and owed more than $ 88 thousand for eight months. This is reported by the Russian Sailors Union.


In addition, the supply on board is supplied irregularly. Seamen appealed to the ITF inspector in Novorossiysk Olga Ananyina with a request for help.


From the statement of the crew sent to ITF, it follows that the ship left September 18 from Sevastopol in the direction of the Turkish port of Bandirma with a cargo of flax weighing 1,400 tons. Among the crew is a Syrian, two Ukrainians, the rest are Russians. When the “Moryak” reached the Bosporus, the ship owner was ordered to follow the Kerch Strait, where the ship is still there. “During our stay in the strait, 12 miles from the shore, the water was delivered irregularly. 


Means of hygiene are over, there are no work clothes, technical supplies, but most importantly: the products have completely ended already on November 5th. The crew is starving … There is no possibility to go ashore, we stand with a closed border. ” The shipowner does not want to pay the agent’s expenses and port fees, and the seamen remain unaware of their future fate.


– The salary according to the statement signed by the captain of the vessel, was not paid since March. Contracts on board are only for two crew members, and their contracts are difficult to name, because they absolutely do not meet the requirements of international law, “says Olga Ananyina. “By the way, according to these contracts, seafarers are forbidden” to organize on the ship party, trade union or any other public organizations and associations. “

When the ITF inspector began to find out who should send the “letters of happiness”, it turned out that finding a true shipowner, as happens in such cases, is not easy. 


Contracts of sailors are signed with the mythical company Bexley Group, the manager is the Ukrainian company Poseidon, there is no collective agreement on the ship. The documents received from the captain of the vessel indicate that all orders are sent by two representatives of the shipowner: Mr. Chistyakov and Mr. Monastyrsky, with whom the representatives of the Palau flag authorities have been trying to contact for several days without success. Until now, the above-mentioned gentlemen have not reacted to the requests of the flag state, nor the ITF inspector.Moryak Kerch Strait


– Since the receipt of information on the plight of the crew, the most effective assistance was provided by representatives of the insurance club British Steamship. They paid for the purchase of food on the ship, although it is impossible to deliver them because of the closed border, they got in touch with the captain and even managed to get through to Mr. Monastyrsky, but so far they have not been successful. Now the main thing is to solve the problem with paying off the debt and changing the crew, which has already been brought to despair, and we are working on it, “says Olga Ananyina.