The Ship Rio Marina Bella Drives Into Dock, One Woman Injured

The incident during the mooring operations, the ship went against the edge of the pier on the port of Portoferraio. Scary for passengers, one of them reported a suspected ankle fracture

PORTOFERRAIO. An incident during the mooring operations involved Sunday evening at the Rio Marina Bella ferry. The cruise ship Toremar hit the dock while still sailing on the port of Portoferraio.

The rebound was important, so much that an elbasan lady was injured and reported a suspected ankle fracture to fall while on board the ship. He was rescued on arrival at Portoferraio by a means of the Green Cross of Portoferraio and brought to the emergency room for the investigations of the case. Another person would be bothered by knocking his head. The impact with the dock obviously frightened the passengers on board the vessel departing at 20.30 from Piombino and arriving around 21.35 in Portoferraio. There were about 150 passengers on board and about fifty cars were parked in the ship’s hold.Rio Marina Bella Damage

The ferry has suffered damage, a sort of jerk, aft, under the hatchback. It is currently on the dock, waiting for replenishment. It has been replaced online by Moby Bastia, which secured the connections between Portoferraio and Piombino along with the other vessels of Moby Lines and Toremar. It is unclear when the Rio Marina Bella will be able to return online. The dynamics of the accident are investigating the Harbor Master’s technical office.