Ship ‘Los Llanitos’ Split in Two by Strong Swell

The ship “Los Llanitos” stranded in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, last October 23, 2015, during the passage of Hurricane Patricia, yielded to the strong waves and split in two.

The structure of the 38-tonne Mexican flag vessel did not withstand the background sea surge, which caused the navigation booth, which had a height of 30 meters, to collapse.The only thing that can be observed at this moment is the towers of a house that are located to one side of the boat.

Almost half of the stern was buried in the bay. The stern is tilted completely towards the sea, you can hear that when the waves come in they make a great rumble to the interior of the boat. The engines of the ship, which could be loaded with 30 thousand liters of oil, are already making contact with the water.

Los Llanitos

“The part in the aft section is where the machinery is, what is the main engine and auxiliary generators, power generators, these motors may still have oil residue,” said captain Rafael Vaca, head of the Captaincy of Port in Manzanillo.

Despite the many fractures that the boat has, the Captain of Port of Manzanillo considers that the current conditions of Los Llanitos do not represent a danger for navigation, nor for the fishing community of the area.