Ship of Japan’s Marine Self-Defense Forces arrives in Vladivostok

The destroyer of the Japanese Marine Self-Defense Forces Hamagiri arrived in Vladivostok on Monday to participate in the Sarex 2017 SAREX, Searchand Rescue Exercise.

“In the main base of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet), the ship was met by Captain Ivan Kovalev, commander of the division of the surface ships of the fleet. He greeted the eldest on board the Japanese ship commander of the 15th escort flotilla of Japan’s ICSD Captain 1st Rank Tatsuy Obata and introduced to him the officers of the control of the connection, “the head of the information department of the press service of the Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet captain told Interfax- Rank 2 Nikolay Voskresensky.

Orchestra of the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet performed the national anthems of Russia and Japan. By tradition, girls in Russian national costumes presented Japanese sailors with bread and salt.Japan Marine Self Defense

During the stay of the Japanese ship in Vladivostok, it is planned to hold organizational meetings to coordinate the episodes of the exercise, friendly football and volleyball meetings between the seafarers of the two countries.

The host ship of the visit is the large antisubmarine ship of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Vinogradov.

Earlier, a detachment of ships of Japan’s MSSO as part of the destroyer “Kharusame” and the training ship “Kasima” visited Vladivostok from 14 to 18 October.


Source: Maritime News of Russia