Ship Caught and Crew Detained on Suspicion of Transporting Drugs Arrives At The Port of Malaga

Minutes after 12:00 noon yesterday the dock Langeland, docked at the seafloor number seven of the Port of Malaga, was caught on the high seas on suspicion of carrying a cargo of drugs. Aided by the tugboat Vehintiocho and escorted by the Maritime Guardia Civil and the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency, this merchant, registered in Port Vila, capital of the Republic of Vanuatu, remained in court after his mooring.

Transporting flour between the ports of Safi in Morocco and Iskenderum in Turkey, the manned vessel of 12 people of Turkish nationality, after a follow-up of several days, was approached early yesterday morning 15 miles from Ceuta by members of the Civil Guard, Customs Surveillance Service and National Police in a joint anti-drug operation that is still open.

With the crew detained on the ship, yesterday afternoon began interrogations and searches for the drugs that could be on board. If it is finally found and depending on its location, it will be determined whether or not the ship has to unload the goods it transports; an operation that could be carried out in the coming days.Langeland

Built in 1998, this merchant of 4.559 tons of gross register and 199 meters of length is a general cargo ship that on its deck, on the warehouses, can house 341 feet or pieces of great volume. After sailing with seven different names and different flags, the last trips made before it’s arrest were made last September by waters of Jamaica and Mexico.

Waiting for confirmation that the ship is carrying the drug, the Langeland, which remains moored at pier number seven, in less than two days must be repositioned in another place that does not impede the normal activity of the dock where yesterday was stopped.