Security and Again Security: Vladimir Putin Outlined the Strategic Priorities of the Arctic

The strategic priorities of the state policy for the industrial development of the Arctic are to ensure the integrated security of this activity. This was announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the traditional annual Big Press Conference held on December 14 in Moscow.

Answering the question of the journalist of the republican newspaper from the Komi Republic about the priorities that the regions should place in the Arctic projects, the president reminded that a whole program for the development of the Arctic has been built in Russia.

He further described the three priorities of the said activity, two of which are directly related to security.

“It is important here only that the industrial development of the Arctic, including … the development of mineral reserves, should go hand in hand with care for nature, with all the requirements that are imposed on economic activity in this very sensitive region. This is the first, “the head of state noted.

“The second,” he continued, “is ensuring security: both environmental security and military security in this region.”

As V. Putin reminded after the recent visit of Franz Josef Land, “there a few years ago foreign guides, when foreign groups were driving, said: these are the islands that recently belonged to Russia. They somehow forgot that it was Russian islands in general, but now we reminded them, and everything is in order there. “

Vlad Putin

Within the framework of the third direction of attention of the state, the President demanded “never forget about the interests of small indigenous peoples of the North”.

“This is an extremely important thing. You cannot break their traditional economic interests and so on. And if something inevitably comes into conflict with the implementation of large-scale nationwide projects, measures for compensation and substitution must certainly be presented. Therefore, this is a complex task. I hope that we will continue to approach this, “Vladimir Putin said on Friday, starting the production activity of the Yamal-LNG mega-project in the village of Sabetta – loading the liquefied natural gas of the first tanker gas carrier Christophe de Margerie, baptized in honor of the ex-head of the Concern “Total”, who died tragically in a plane crash.

Source: Maritime News of Russia