SecNav Spencer Seeks Goldwater-Nichols Changes After Deadly Collisions

PENTAGON: Navy Secretary Richard Spencer wants to change the law that’s governed the armed forces since 1986, the Goldwater-Nichols Act, to restore more autonomy to the services.

Only by letting the Navy say “no” to joint combatant commanders’ insatiable demands for deployments can the fleet get adequate training, ship maintenance, and crew rest, argues the Strategic Readiness Review — just released today — which Spencer commissioned after at-sea accidents killed 17 sailors and crippled two ships this summer.

Only by exempting officers from mandatory joint assignments can they free up adequate time to master core competencies such as basic seamanship — sadly lacking in the recent collisions — and high-intensity warfighting — long neglected given the focus on Afghanistan and Iraq.Fitzgerald-collision-damage

(The full report contains many other recommendations, all of which we’ve excerpted in the summary below).


Source: Breaking Defense