Seamen From The Vessel Arrested In The UAE Asked To Help Them Return To Primorye

Maritime sailors from the ship Crystal East (flag of Russia), standing in the UAE, appealed for help to the Russian Sailors’ Union with a request to help them return the documents and repatriate them home.

“Seven crew members asked us to help them. The ship was arrested in the port of Sharjah because of the shipowner’s large debts, and along with-it seafarer’s documents were taken away, “Nikolai Sukhanov, chairman of the Far Eastern regional organization of the Russian Sailors Trade Union (RVRP), told Interfax.

According to him, the shipowner company Nakhodka-Portbunker went bankrupt and owed Gazprombank about $ 14 million, so the port authorities arrested the tanker by a court decision.

“We have already applied to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Dubai to return the passport to the crew and ask the company to organize their repatriation home when these passports are ready,” said Sukhanov.

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Earlier, 13 Sailors of the vessel Crystal Nord (the flag of Russia), also belonging to the company Nakhodka-Portbunker and standing in the port of Hamriya (UAE), applied for help from the Dvor RPSM. The crew of the ship owed about 1.6 million rubles of wages. Part of this crew has already returned to Primorye.

Since Nakhodka-Portbunker is in the process of bankruptcy, the arbitration manager promised to pay off the salary debt to the sailors immediately after the sale of the property.