Schoolchildren and Cadets Master the Construction of Boats on Solar Energy

Schoolchildren and cadets of Moscow and Moscow region became participants in the youth engineering water transport project – a program for building boats on solar batteries. The National Center for Engineering Competitions and Competitions (NCICS) provided free of charge to 8 schools in the capital region the standard kits for the collection of small vessels on “environmentally friendly” principles of traffic. Now the young shipbuilders have started preparing for the installation of helio-boats to participate in the school engineering competitions “Solar Regatta – 2018”.

According to Alexander Razvodovsky, the coordinator of the school area of ​​work in Moscow and the Moscow region of ANO “NIKSKS”, in November the participating schools of the project, including the Gymnasium of the Russian State University of Transport (MIIT), Cadet boarding school No. 11 of the Moscow diplomatic cadet Corps, Moscow School No. 1302, Center for Cadet Education, Lyceum and School No. 9 from Dubna, Lyceum No. 1502 at MPEI and Secondary School No. 29 Podolsk received long-awaited parcels – kits for assembling environmentally friendly swimming trunks x funds.

The first classes have already passed, school working groups have been formed. The guys started to implement projects of boats on solar batteries. I see that children are interested and determined – they have eyes burning, they ask a lot of questions – and it’s great, “A.Razvodovsky said. In this project, one of the important areas of work is the development of children’s design skills, engineering skills, creative and technical thinking. Schoolchildren get a good experience in the team and for them, shipbuilding classes are not only the development of applied skills and knowledge, but also the possible self-determination in the future profession.

“I am confident that the project will be in demand, and in the future we will receive highly qualified specialists in the field of innovative and ecological shipbuilding, sincerely interested and loving their work,” says the president of the organizing committee of the international competitions “Solar Regatta”, the director of the National Center for Engineering Competitions and Competitions Yevgeny Kazanov .

Specially for the school project of the “Solar Regatta” were developed kits for self-assembly of ships on solar panels – model Solara B1. Each kit includes a set of housing with consumables and slipways for self-assembly of the vessel on solar batteries, instructions, templates and drawings to facilitate the study of the fundamentals of shipbuilding.

Technical specifications of the Solara B1

Length of the vessel – 2,9 m

Width – 1,2 m

The power of the solar panel is 220 Wh

Power brushless motor – 1 kW

Battery capacity – 840 Wh

Now the capital’s schoolchildren are fascinating, but not an easy task. In the course of practical and theoretical studies, the guys have to go through a difficult path: create a team, build their own boat, master its management and technical support. And in the summer of 2018 young shipbuilders will launch their projects to compete for the main prize of the school “Solar Regatta 2018”.

Schoolchildren Cadets of Moscow


The “Solar Regatta” is the first engineering competition in Russia, during which the participating teams develop, design and demonstrate the capabilities of their built-in solar-powered swimming means. The “Solar Regatta” is held within the framework of the project “Engineering Competitions and Competitions” of the Marinet Roadmap of the National Technological Initiative (STI), which is implemented with the support of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and RVC.

The competitions have the status of the All-Russian Engineering Competition (VIC).


Source: Maritime News of Russia