Salvors continue cooling smoldering containers on board of MSC Daniela

MSC Daniela firefightingThe fire on board of MSC Daniela continue smoldering nine days after the blaze broke out off Sri Lanca. The vessel remains at the outer Colombo Anchorage with firefighting tugs in site, which are pouring water over the burned containers. The fire is under control and according to the officials, there are no flames, but container are still too hot to have inspection. The local authorities cannot allow the vessel to enter port before being safety inspected and fire to be completely extinguished. Once the containers are brought down to a safe temperature to allow inspection the ship should proceed to berth.

“Some containers are still too hot for the Sri Lankan authorities to inspect the vessel before allowing it to berth. Therefore, firefighters are still actively cooling some of the containers”, said the MSC spokesperson. “Damage assessment and repairs cannot be done until the above steps are concluded”, added he.

The hazmat teams are also in the area and monitoring closely the situation, as the ship was carrying Hazard A (Major) cargo.

The vessel will possibly declare General Average and all shippers should declare to vessel’s P&I Club with the bills of lading. The MSC promised to provide all the needed assistance to the shippers.

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