Sailors with a Cat Rescued After Seven Months of Drift in the Indian Ocean

A Sailor from Poland was rescued from the coast of the island of Reunion, which is part of the overseas regions of France, the newspaper Le Figaro reported on Wednesday with reference to the volunteer organization “National Salvation Society at Sea.”

On Sunday, a homemade boat with a sailor at the northern shore of the island was discovered from the yacht and summoned rescue services.

The gendarmerie began an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

Sam, a 50-year-old man said that he was drifting in the Indian Ocean for seven months. According to him, in May he sailed from the territory of Comor to sail to South Africa to find a job.

He sailed on a lifeboat from a passenger ship, which he personally perfected. Means of communication on the boat broke, and the sailor drifted between the Maldives, Indonesia and Mauritius until he was discovered.Sailor with Cat from Poland

The sailor had food supplies for a month. He said that once a day he ate soup noodles and what he could catch from the sea.

As the newspaper writes, the only companion of the man during all this time was his cat.


Source: Maritime News of Russia