The Sailor of the Trawler “Chairman Hanslap” Fell Overboard in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk

As SKSR Rosmorrechflot reports, at 6:41 from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky MSPT a message was received that at 4:02 on November 28, the owner of the CPTM “Chairman Hanslap” (port of registration Sovetskaya Gavan, owner of Amurrybprom LLC) received information about the fall overboard at 5:25 on November 27, a sailor of 1971 b. in the northern part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the Shelikhov Bay, 60 miles south-east of Cape Tolstoy. Chairman Hanslap

During the past 24 hours, a search was carried out for the fallen overboard.

Missing is not found. According to the decision of the shipowner, the search is terminated.


Source: Maritime News of Russia