Saboteurs Were Detained and Brought Ashore as Counter-Sabotage Exercise Proves Successful in the Waters of the Kaliningrad Sea Channel

In the waters of the Kaliningrad sea channel in Baltiysk with the detachment to counter the sabotage forces and assets of the Baltic naval base, the exercise was conducted with the use of the newest high-speed boat Raptor, the press service of the Western Military District reported.

During the exercise, issues of detection and detentions of the enemy’s saboteurs were worked out, as well as actions to ensure the protection of the Baltic Fleet ships on the territory of the Kaliningrad Sea Canal.


According to the plan of the exercise, a signal was received at the control room of the duty forces about the discovery of an unknown moving object in the channel’s water area. With the help of special equipment, the coordinates of the offender, the direction of his movement and the speed were established. Further on, the speedboat “Raptor” with a group of combat swimmers advanced to intercept the target. The servicemen of the detachment used weapons and special means to stop and block the water craft of conditional saboteurs. As a result of a successful operation, the saboteurs were detained and brought ashore.