Russian Vessel Broke off Anchors and Suffered a Storm to the Turkish Port

The Russian cargo ship Nefterudovoz 29M, which fell off anchors, located two miles from the port of Bartyn (Turkey) in the Black Sea and runs the risk of being thrown ashore. This was reported to the agency “Interfax” on Tuesday by a representative of the company “MBS-Shipping”, owning the ship.

“After the ship’s captain gave a distress signal, 11 crew members, 10 of whom – Astrakhan and one Rostovite, were evacuated from the ship by helicopter by Turkish rescuers. The signal was sent during the storm, when the ship broke from two anchors in 3.5 miles from the port, “the source said.

He explained that before the storm the dry cargo ship was mothballed (the ship’s control was shut off, there was no fuel on the ship) and was preparing to be towed to the Rostov port. After receiving a bad weather forecast, the ship’s captain asked the administration of the Turkish port of Bartyn with a request to identify a tug that could bring the dry cargo ship closer to shore.Russian Vessel

“This appeal was ignored. As a result, at two anchors the ship met a storm in the sea. From anchors it broke and was carried to the port. After this, the crew was evacuated from the ship. The dry cargo vessel continues to drift to the shore and, possibly, will be thrown out by waves in the port, “the agency’s interlocutor noted.

At the same time, he stressed that at the moment the crew does not threaten anything.