Russian shipbuilder Lotos received billion-rubles contract for construction of two vessels

Lotos shipbuildingThe Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation Lotos received contract by Goznak-leasing for construction of two vessels. The contact worth 1 billion rubles (about 17 million USD) and provision building of dry cargo ship of the RSD 49 project for Anship (part of the AnRussTrans holding company) and a cargo non-self-propelled pontoon of the project 7514 for Ark Shipping Company. The contract is schedule to commence in end of March, when will be laid the first sections of the both vessels. The payment of the newbuildings are guaranteed by Goznak-leasing, which granted loan for the both Russian shipping companies.

The modern dry cargo ship will have length of 139.90 m and is the third vessel of the RSD 49 project, having maximum possible dimensions for the Volga-Don canal passage. As for the cargo non-self-propelled pontoon, it is a single-deck vessel of rectangular shape with a cut of the hull in the bow and stern extremities and two stabilizers in the stern. The pontoon is designed to operate in the Russian sector of the northern part of the Caspian Sea, in particular, at the Filanovsky deposit.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation Lotos operates two shipyard in Astrakhan region, specialized for construction of inland vessels and block sets topside modules for fixed platforms, designed for oil and gas exploration and production on the continental shelf of seas and oceans. The new order is important for the company, which suffered from reducing number of orders after the collapse in global oil and gas services sector. The company is one of the largest enterprises in the Southern Federal District.