Russian scientists working on development of civilian nuclear submarine for Arctic seismic survey

SubmarineRussian maritime and shipping scientists have developed the world’s first nuclear submarine for civilian purposes, which will be used for offshore research and will have seismic equipment. The development of the prototype of the submarine was done by the Fund for Academic Studies and the presentation was done on the international Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue”. The purpose of the submarine is top make seismic survey and seeking for minerals below the glaciers of the Arctic. Currently were completed preliminary designs of the underwater complex and already prevented the prototype of the submarine.

“The civilian nuclear submarine will use seismic equipment instead of missiles”, said the head of the working group on the project, which is part from the Fund for Academic Studies, Victor Litvinenko. T on Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” forward “Russian Diary”. According to Litvinenko there is no such submarine in the world. This is a unique technological solution that will help future generations to address the serious problems absorbing shelf.

The nuclear submarine has a length of 135.50 m, width of 14.40 m, a speed of 12.6 kts and the maximum depth to which reaches 400 m. Crew of the vessel is 40 people, which can perform missions within 90 days.

Fund for Academic Studies was established in 2012 for promote research in the interest of national defense and security.