Russian Sailors Resumed their Search for the Argentine Submarine “San Juan”

Specialists of the Russian Navy have resumed their work in the designated areas of searching for the San Juan submarine of the Argentine Navy after improving hydrometeorological conditions, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

“In particular, from the side of the ship of the Navy of Argentina” Islas Malvinas “for the past day, three descents of a remote-controlled uninhabited vehicle” Panther Plus “were carried out, during which three points at depths of 840, 940 and 960 meters were inspected. The work will be continued, “- said in the message of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which was received by Interfax.

It also notes that the oceanographic research ship of the Russian Navy Yantar has arrived in the designated area “and has begun the search for on-board equipment.”Russian Navy

“At the moment, for the time of participation in search operations off the coast of Argentina, specialists of the search and rescue service of the Russian Navy, who are aboard the Naval Tug of the Navy of Argentina,” Islas Malvinas “, carried out 7 downs of the submersible vehicle” Panther Plus “to a depth of 125 to 970 meters for the purpose of examining the detected anomalies of the bottom relief. With his help, a fishing trawler and a concrete massif were found and classified, “the report said.


Source: Maritime News of Russia