Russian government opposed state subsidies for building of seismic ship

Seismic shipThe Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has opposed the subsidies from federal budget to the company Rosgeologiya for the construction of specialized vessels for 3D survey of the Arctic shelf, because the project can not be recouped. According to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources the construction of seismic vessel will be earliest completed in 2020, expressing a doubt that will have an essential demand for 3D-seismic services. The ministry opposed building of seismic ship, which to be finance by the state budget and urged Rosgeologiya to seek for private-public funding.

“We believe that any of the investments should be achieved through both the private and the public funding. When we looked at the possibility of public investment, there is a question of demand for these services when the vessel is built in 2020”, said the Russian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Sergey Donskoy. “There’s not so much volume, so we once again offered Rosgeologiya too attract private investment”, added he.

The plans of the state holding Rosgeologiya are directed with seismic jobs in Arctic shelf survey. According to the documents, which were at the disposal of the publication, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy have criticized plans of Rosgeologiya to build seismic vessels worth 15 billion rubles, which will be financed by the budget.

Earlier today, the Russian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources told that Rosneft will carry out seismic surveys for oil in the Arctic shelf.