Russian fishing harvest reduced by 2.9% since the beginning of 2017

Russian fishingRussian fishermen caught 896,300 tons of fish since the beginning of the year, which is 2.9% (-27.100 tons) less than the corresponding period large year. The lower fishing harvest is due to complex ice and storm conditions, which seriously interfered with the work of the fleet over the past weeks. The decrease is noted in all major sea areas of the Russian federation, but international fishing signs significant increase. In the Far East basin the Russian fishermen caught 665,000 tons, which is 22,700 tons less on year-on-year basis, Northern Basin fishing catch is 88,400 tons, or 17,700 tons less than 2016, while catch in Baltic Sea decreased to 14,000 tons. In the Azov-Black Sea basin the catch amounted to 22,900 tons, while in Caspian Sea were fished only 300 tons.

In the international fishing zones, the Russian fishermen have caught 64,900 tons of fish and other bioresources since the beginning of the year, which is 18,800 tons more than the corresponding period last year. In the Convention areas and the open part of the World Ocean, the catch amounted to 39,400 thousand tonnes, down by 2,600 tonnes.

The coastline of the Russian Federation is the fourth longest in the world. The Russian fishing industry has an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 7.6 million sq km, including access to twelve seas in three oceans, together with the landlocked Caspian Sea and more than two million rivers