Russian Experts Have Discovered a Sunken Ship in the Course of Searching for an Argentine Submarine

The sunken fishing trawler was discovered by Russian Navy specialists who were searching for the missing San Juan submarine of the Navy of Argentina, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

“For five days, five dives of the unmanned underwater vehicle” Panther Plus “were made. Several points were surveyed with a range of depths ranging from 135 to 1050 meters in the designated search area. Another sunken fishing trawler was discovered, “the military department said, which was received by Interfax.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informed that several submarine objects were discovered and examined during the search of the Argentine submarine, one of which is classified as a sunken fishing trawler.

The submarine “San Juan” of the Argentine Navy stopped contacting November 15. On board the submarine 44 crew members.

At the moment, for the time of participation in the search works off the coast of Argentina, experts of the search and rescue service of the Russian Navy, who are on board the marine tugboat of the Navy of Argentina, “Islas Malvinas”, carried out 12 dives of the underwater vehicle “Panther Plus”. Depths – from 125 to 1050 meters. The anomalies of the bottom relief are investigated. In total, two sunken fishing trawlers and two concrete blocks were discovered and classified, the report said.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informs on Saturday that specialists of the Russian Navy, using improved hydro meteorological conditions in the area of ​​searching for the submarine “San Juan” for a day, examined a few more points of the bottom relief anomalies.

“In particular, from the side of the vessel of the Navy of Argentina” Islas Malvinas “by Russian specialists, five dives of a remote-controlled uninhabited vehicle” Panther Plus “were carried out over the past day. The result of this work was the discovery of another body of a sunken fishing trawler, “the press release said.

It is noted that “in the conditions of unstable weather conditions in the area of ​​the search for work, they are renewed and continue with the sea waves, allowing to produce the descents of the underwater vehicle” Panther Plus “.

In turn, the oceanographic research vessel Yantar, which had arrived earlier in the designated area, inspects the bottom with regular search equipment, the military department informs.Russian Experts discover Sunkin Ship

As reported, the vessel “Yantar” arrived in the search area of ​​the submarine on December 6. The vessel was designed by order of the Main Directorate of Deepwater Research of the RF Ministry of Defense. The St. Andrew’s flag was raised on the ship in May 2015. Yantar has two deep-water vehicles, allowing to conduct surveys at a depth of up to six thousand meters.

Earlier, Russia flew 12 experts from the 328th Expeditionary Search and Rescue Squadron of the Russian Navy to Argentina with the An-124 Ruslan aircraft. The detachment is equipped with a remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle “Panther Plus”.


Source: Maritime News of Russia