Russian Coast Guard rescued troubled fishermen in Black Sea

small fishing boat ZhemchizhinaThe small fishing boat Zhemchizhina with four people on board went in trouble on 16 nautical miles off Russian coast in Black Sea. The vessel left the port of Anapa in rainy weather and storm, going beyond the edge of the territorial sea at distance of more than 12 nautical miles, but suffered engine failure and remained adrift. The fishing boat was in immediate danger from capsizing due to growing storm and rain, which feared to capsized her. The crew succeeded to send distress signal, which was received by the Coast Guard and at the scene of the troubled vessel was sent rescue boat. Fortunately the rescued succeeded to localize and find the troubled vessel fast and kept in regular connection with the crew.

The fishing boat Zhemchizhina was taken on tow to the nearest seaport. All the four people on board were in good health and without injuries, but will be hospitalized for medical check. There were no reported damages and water pollution.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident and the circumstances which lead to the distress of the fishing vessel.

The fishing boat Zhemchizhina is small coastal vessel, which has overall length of 12.00 m and moulded beam of 4.00 m.