Russian cargo barge NGSP-313 sank in Ob river

Cargo barge NGSP-313The Russian cargo barge NGSP-313 sank in Yugan Ob strait near the 166-km mark. The barge was carrying cargo of reinforced concrete piles, being part from convoy of motor vessel Reidovo-6 and another barge MP-249. The accident occurred on May 19, but fortunately did not caused injuries and casualties. The convoy of vessels anchored near the right bank of the rives, but the strong wind increased the list of the barge to portboard and she started getting water ingress. The crew tried to pump out the water, but without success. Just half an hour later, the barge NGSP-313 sank along with the cargo on the right bank of Yugan Ob river.

Fortunately the sinking happened outside the waterway and did not affected the traffic. There is no report for water pollution and oil leak. The accident was reported to local authorities and the area of ship’s wreck was marked with floating signs for navigation danger. The convoy was inspected by the local authorities.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way.