Russia Will Create a Full-Fledged Naval Base in Syria

A full-fledged Russian naval base will be created in Syrian Tartus, the former chief of the Russian Navy’s Main Staff, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, told Interfax on Wednesday.


“This will strengthen the operational capabilities of our fleet in the Mediterranean and, in general, Russia’s position in the Middle East,” Kravchenko said. He noted that earlier in Tartus Russia had a logistics center, “this is a small territory, expanding the territory, we are creating a naval base.”


“The base involves a decent territory, all types of protection and defense, call of ships – to cruisers of the first rank. They will be able to replenish supplies, and personnel will have a rest, “Kravchenko said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday submitted for ratification to the State Duma an agreement between the Russian Federation and Syria on expanding the territory of the logistics center of the Russian Navy in the port area of ​​Tartus.

Earlier this year, an informed source told Interfax that the Russian military was modernizing the Navy station in Tartus. “This will ensure the entry, as well as the conduct of current and medium repairs in Tartus ships of various classes: from the minesweeper to the cruiser,” the source said.

According to him, for this purpose, the channel will be deepened and expanded in the port of Tartus.

“In the future, two new piers will be built on the territory that is in use by the Russian Navy, designed for mooring ships with a displacement of over 10,000 tons, as well as a complex of residential and administrative buildings,” the source said.


According to him, at the present time in Tartus ships of the first rank remain in the outer roads, and their servicing and refueling is carried out with the assistance of auxiliary fleet vessels.

Interfax interlocutor said that the covering of the Navy base in Tartus from the air and sea is provided by the S-300 air defense missile systems, as well as the Bastion coastal missile systems with cruise missiles.Naval Base Syrian Tartus

In October last year, the Russian military department reported that the S-300 systems (manufactured by JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey) were sent to Syria to ensure the safety of the base in Tartus and the ships of the operational unit of the Russian Navy in the coastal zone. According to Interfax, Tartus covers the battery of the S-300V4 system. This is the latest air defense system, which will provide protection against missiles and aviation attacks at long range.

On this Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that IG troops (the organization is banned in Russia) were routed in Syria and ordered the withdrawal of the Russian military grouping. Since then, Tu-22M, An-72, Tu-22M3 bombers and a squad of sappers returned to the locations of their dislocations.



Source: Maritime News of Russia