River Cruise Ship Slammed into Pillar of Bridge in Duisburg 

On Dec 26, 2017, at 8.45 p.m. the “Swiss Crystal” collided with the pillar of the bridge of the A 42 freeway in Duisburg-Baerl. It had a speed of 25-28 km/h when it veered off course in a bend of the river. 25 persons were injured, four of them suffered severe injuries. Several of them had fallen when the ship hit and then drifted perpendicular to the fairway. Among them was also the master who had to be treated for shock symptoms. On board were 103 passengers mostly from the Netherlands and a crew of 26.

The ship suffered significant bow damage. It ran aground after the impact and got stuck with a list timewise. Several units of the fire brigade Duisburg as well as the police and the Technical Support Workers THW were on site. The cruise ship was towed one kilometer downstream to Duisburg-Mühlenweide by another river cruise ship after having been stabilized, where it berthed in the entrance of Ruhrort Port for investigations. At 12.30 a.m. the remaining passengers were disembarked onto the “Swiss Diamond” which had been called to Duisburg to take them to their destination.

Swiss Crystal

The A 42 was closed for traffic after the allision between Duisburg-Baerl and Duisburg-Beek until the midday hours of Dec 27. The ship had started its cruise in Arnheim on Dec 22 and had sailed from the port of Diüsseldorf at 8 p.m. It was bound via Koblenz and Mainz back to Arnheim, ETA Dec 27.


Source: Vessel Tracker