River cargo ship Mabrena sinking after water ingress at Rhine near Dusseldorf

Mabrena bargeThe river cargo ship Mabrena suffered water ingress near the port of Dusseldorf-Reisholz at Rhine. The vessel was carrying 1,700 tons of gravel to Koblenz, but near the 722-kilometer mark of Rhine river started getting water into the generator room from the two ballast tanks. The vessel emergency docked and reported the accident the local authorities, requesting immediate assistance due to danger of sinking. At the scene of the troubled river barge was sent two boats from Neuss and Chempark Uerdingen, fire engines and divers. The rescuers started pumping out the water from the flooded compartment, as the diesel generators of the vessel failed. The divers inspected the hull for breaches and damages. After several hours the situation was under control, but the rescuers remain at site until further liquidate the water ingress.

After stabilizing the vessel and the cargo was to be unloaded with cranes before the ship was to be towed to a yard for repairs. The local authorities ordered special survey and safety inspection of the river barge before return in service. Fortunately during the incident there were no injured people and no reported water pollution. The traffic on Rhine river was not affected.

The river cargo ship Mabrena has overall length of 85.0 m, moulded beam of 12.00 m and maximum draft of 3.50 m.

Video from the rescue operations of the river cargo ship Mabrena: