Rescuers Found the Body of One of the Fishermen with a Breakaway Floe in Tatarstan

Rescuers found the body of one of the fishermen, who turned out to be an ice floe, detached from the coast to Kama, according to the EMERCOM of Russia for Tatarstan on Tuesday.

In addition, 200 meters downstream there is a jacket, possibly a lost fisherman. At this place the work of divers is organized.

The Office notes that at the present time there has been one communication about the loss of two people – father and son, born in 1957. and 1981 of the river. respectively. In search works 137 people and 33 units of equipment are involved.

On the afternoon of Monday, on Kama, in the area of ​​the Nizhnekamsk hydroelectric station, an ice floe broke off from the shore, on which, according to the initial report, there were five fishermen.Body of Fisherman Found

One of them was rescued on Monday evening at a time when the last forces swam in winter clothes over open water.

It was also reported that the hydropower plant suspended the discharge of water for the duration of the rescue operation.


Source: Maritime News of Russia