The Rescue Effort in the Case of a Damaged Ship Completed for the Part of the Coast Guard

Following a successful oil leakage that was aboard the grounded vessel outside of Oskarhamn, the biggest environmental threat has been averted and the Coast Guard can therefore complete the rescue effort.

“Now there is no longer a danger of oil coming into the sea. We therefore end the rescue effort now, we estimate that the ship is still due to the current situation, says Coast Guard’s rescue leader Claes Ringqvist.

The next step is to ship the ship, which is managed by a private player, not earlier than Wednesday. The coastguard ships will still be around the heaviest also during the day.Haverist Oskarshamn

It was on Saturday morning that a ship went outside Oskarshamn. When the ship carried 24,000 liters of diesel oil in a susceptible bottom tanks, it was decided, together with the Transport Agency, that the oil would be lifted, emptied.