Rebellious soldiers blocked access to Port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast

Port of AbidjanRebellious soldiers blocked access to the main port in Ivory Coast, located in the city of Abidjan. The blockage forced many companies to suspend export operations. As a result of the offensive against the Port of Abidjan, were particularly affected companies exporting cocoa products. They decided to close their factories and warehouses due to the tense situation. The situation in the country is extremely uncertain and many of the shippers postponed or skipped calls in the port of Abidjan. There is no information about blocked and detained vessels at the port, but cargo handling operations are stopped or proceeding with large delays.

A group of soldiers, demanding higher salaries, entered into a gunfight with law enforcement officers on January 6 night and stole weapons from police stations of the city of Bouake in the central part of the country, and then took up positions at the entrances. Later, soldiers mutinied several cities in Ivory Coast to the north and west, they took control of some of the roads. The security forces were forced to leave the towns where the riots took place.

The President Alassane Ouattara appealed to the security forces and urged them again to negotiate with the rebels to end two weeks of rioting. The previously reached agreement between the rebels and the government of Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), in which the officials agreed to pay an additional salary of servicemen, was thwarted.

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