Ranking the most powerful countries by Naval power

Ranking the most powerful countries by Naval power.


What exactly is the navy power your country has? If there were a naval conflict what is the type of power your country would have? How many people are available? These were some of the questions we asked and here are the results:


This data was obtained from Kaggle, but this data was extracted and cleaned form the global fire power website, with no further introduction let’s see what story the data tells us.


First, how many active personnel each country has?

active personal

These are just the top 25 countries by number of active personnel, but following the same color scheme here is a map with all the countries.

Active Personal per country map

From the images above we can see that the countries who are head and shoulders are China (2,260,000), United States (1,373,650) and India (1,362,500).


Now, lets see what the budget each country has to defend themselves, because as you may know, to hold an army you require to spend on equipment, weapons, salaries, etc…

Budget per country


The amounts are in the millions of dollars, as you can see the range goes from 50 millions a year to 587 million, The United States has by far the biggest budget, 3.6 bigger than the next country (China) but now a new country appears in the top 3, Saudi Arabia with 56 million.


Now let’s go deeper into the specific naval power each country has, we will start with the number of aircraft carriers per country.

There are not many countries who are able to have one, in reality there are very few countries who do have one:

Aircraft carriers

The country who has the most is the USA, then France has 4, India has 3 and the rest have 2 or 1.


What about frigates? Which countries have frigates and how many do they have?



This is the first category where the United States is not in first place, actually, it is not even in the top 10.

Now it’s time to see how many destroyers exist in each country, here is the diagram for this analysis:


The United States has 63 and is number one, Japan has 42 in second place and China is in third place with 35 destroyers.


The top 25 countries by number of corvettes are:


Now let’s do the same analysis by submarine numbers and these are the top 25 countries:


This is the first area where North Korea is in the number 1 position with 76 submarines, United states second with 70 submarines and China is third with 68 units.


When we talk about Mine Warfare, Naval mines, even though there is no specific number of what type of naval mines they have these are the top 25 countries with naval mines.


Mine Warfare

The patrol craft counts the number of small vessels that are used to patrol the coast lines of a country, and the top 3 countries are a little surprising to me.

Patrol Craft

North Korea is number one with 438 units, second place is Iran with 230 which is almost half the units and Egypt is third with 227.


If you are interested about the information of a specific country let us know in the comments section or send us an email and we will make a post about it and send you the information via email.