Putin Expects That Only Ships Under the Russian flag Will Be Allowed to Transport Hydrocarbons in the NSR

Russian President Vladimir Putin expects that vessels under the Russian flag will have exclusive rights to transport and store hydrocarbons in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route (NSR), Tass reports.

At a meeting on stimulating the construction of ships and marine equipment at the SC “Zvezda” he raised the issue “on granting to vessels floating under the Russian flag the exclusive right to transport and store hydrocarbons in the waters of the Northern Sea Route”.

“This step will increase the volume of shipping, will strengthen the position of domestic shipping companies, create additional opportunities to upgrade their fleet. The corresponding bill is now being considered by the State Duma and I expect that it will be adopted soon, “he said.

Putin noted that he was aware of other proposals to extend this provision to other maritime areas of the Russian Federation. “Let’s analyze all these issues so that any of our steps are verified, we will do without any haste,” the president added.Vessels Under Russian Flag

The Northern Sea Route is the main maritime communication in the Russian Arctic. Earlier, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation stated that cargo traffic along the Northern Sea Route by 2020 could grow tens of times, up to 65 million tons per year. Passes through the seas of the Arctic Ocean (Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi) and partly the Pacific (Bering). The length of the Northern Sea Route from the Kara Gates to the Bay of Providence is about 5,600 km. The distance from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok along the Northern Sea Route is over 14 thousand km, for comparison through the Suez Canal – over 23 thousand km.


Source: Maritime News of Russia