Port of Helsinki cargo turnover increased by 19.7% since the beginning of the year

Port of HelsinkiThe cargo turnover of the port of Helsinki in Finland increased by 19.7% yoy in January-February 2017, amounting to 2.45 million tons. The volume of transshipment of bulk cargo increased by 59.2% yoy to 336,000 tons, while the throughput of general cargo for the reporting period increased by 15.2% yoy to 2.11 million tons. The imports of the general cargo of the port of Helsinki amounted to 1.1 million tons, which is 21.5% yoy increase, while the exports reached 1.01 million tons, which is 9% more. The trucks and trailers handled through the port amounted to 84,730 units (+9%) and the linear transportation of passengers increased by 4% yoy to 1.41 million people.

The growing turnover result is based on the development and improvement program implemented by the port authorities and state government. The Port of Helsinki and the Helsinki area have developed in interaction with each other, which has resulted in industrial and commercial activity being centred around import, export and logistics, more than on average. The programme time frame is two-dimensional. Primarily, the port’s policy is defined in detail for the coming ten years, in addition to which, the development operations for the parts of the port are defined at a broader level up to the year 2030.

The port of Helsinki in Finland is an international port, which has regular sea links with the ports of the North and Baltic seas, as well as with the major port cities of all European countries. Throughput in 2016 amounted to 11.62 million tons of cargo, while the container turnover reached 451,270 TEU.