Port of Hamburg turnover slightly increased in 2016

Port of HamburgThe turnover of Port of Hamburg amounted to 138.2 million tons in 2016, which represents a growth of 0.3% compared to the result in 2015. The port benefited from both imports and exports, as the throughput balance for 2016 reflected growth. The Port of Hamburg had increased turnover of non-general cargo, which offset the slight decrease in turnover of bulk cargo. The container throughput achieves 1.0% growth in 2016 to 8.9 million TEU, while the volume rose by 1.2% to 91.7 million tons. During the reported period, Port of Hamburg set a record result for seaport-hinterland rail transport, reaching throughput of 2.4 million TEU.

“Seaborne cargo throughput in the Port of Hamburg again developed upwards with an increase of 0.3 percent. Stronger general cargo throughput offset a slight downturn in bulk cargo throughput. The Port of Hamburg is also contemplating a positive trend for 2017”, said the CEO and co-chairman of Port of Hamburg Marketing, Axel Mattern.

In terms of TEU throughput, Port of Hamburg remains position as second-busiest port in Europe. The container traffic with Asia rose by 1.3% in 2016 to 4.7 million TEU, as more specially trade with Chinese port has great progress of 1.6% to 2.6 million TEU. The container turnover on trade with North and South America grew by 2.9% to 1.2 million TEU, while the European container trade remained at the previous year’s level of 2.6 million TEU. Despite of the international sanctions, the traffic with Russia reported growth of 4.5% to 0.45 million TEU and the country returned to second place (2015: third) among the Port of Hamburg’s container transport trading partners.

Port of Hamburg is the largest German sea port, located on the river Elbe in Hamburg, some 110 km from the mouth of the Elbe into the North Sea.