Port of Benghazi in Libya Opened After a Three-Year Break

In Libyan Benghazi, after three years of fighting, the port resumed operations. This became possible after the military drove out of the city detachments of local radicals. The port of Benghazi is not intended for export of oil, before the war, he specialized in the transportation of gas and other cargo.

The second most important city in the country, Benghazi, was completely liberated from terrorists IGIL and Al-Qaeda in July this year. The struggle for the settlement lasted three years. During this time, the troops of the Libyan National Army lost about 5,000 soldiers.

Port of Benghazi

Belkasem al-Abaaj, the head of the port: “The port of Benghazi is open for trade and ships from all over the world. We were able to overcome the crisis and inform everyone that it is now safe in Benghazi. ”

Now Libya is a divided state. Recognized by the UN, the Libyan government de facto controls only the capital of Tripoli and the surrounding neighborhood. In the east of the country, in the city of Tobruk, the parliament elected by the people sits.