Police Have No Idea If There Are Crew Members Aboard The Vessel or What Caused The Fire?

A fishing vessel at the Birds in Hammerfest reported a fire in a machine room, illuminating the 110-center. Fire department, police and ambulance headed out to the vessel.

Operator Finn Eirik Rasch at the 110-station in Finnmark says what has happened is uncertain, but announces at 16 o’clock that the fire must now be put out.

Inmate Kaia Lilleby at Finnmark police district says the police still do not have an overview of whether there are still crews left on the boat. Parts of the crew have been sent for a health check.

Fire Aboard Vessel

The fire department sought a hot-looking camera and gained control of the smoke.

Inmates for the fire department, Frank Rune Ellingsen, said they moved out with three units and six crews.

“The temperature was already under way when we arrived and the crew on board even managed to gain control of the smoke.