Pirates Robbed Tug and Barge 

The Malaysian tank barge “Ever Omega”, carrying about 3,700 ton of palm oil has been robbed in the waters near Indonesia while under tow of the “Ever Prosper”. The barge was hijacked in the waters near Indonesia on Nov 22, 2017, when sailing from Bintulu in the eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak to Penang off the Malay Peninsula.

A group of machete-wielding pirates boarded it, and the six crew members on the barge and the four crew members on the tug were tied up by the robbers, who took away the barge but left the “Ever Prosper” behind. The crew on the tug later managed to free themselves and headed towards the waters off Malaysia’s southern Johor state.ever-prosper

On Nov 23, the barge “Ever Omega” has been found, but the cargo on the ship worth around 4.5 million U.S. dollar, was believed to be robbed.


Source: www.vesseltracker.com