Pirate Attack In Mbaraki Terminal, Mombasa

Port Mombasa (locode: KEMBA)A product tanker was boarded on June 19 around 23:00  UTC: in, Mbaraki Terminal, Mombasa, Kenya.

The report was as follows, the duty crew on anti-piracy watch onboard noticed a robber attempting to board via the poop deck using a hook attached with rope and informed the OOW in the cargo control room. As the robber approached the ship’s railing the duty crew shouted at him resulting in the robber escaping. A search was made throughout the tanker. It was reported that nothing was stolen.

Some technical data from the Mombasa port:

Latitude / Longitude: -4.0475° / 39.635°

Local Time: 2017-06-21 17:57:08 (UTC +3)

Un/locode: KEMBA

Vessels in Port: 32

Expected Arrivals: 36

Size: Small

Type: Coastal Tide Gate

Shelter: Good

Vessel size:> 150 m

Tugs / assistance: Yes

Tugs / salvage: Yes

Dry dock: Small

Ship repairs: Moderate