Passengers About To Board The “Showtime” In Gudvangen, Bridges Collapses 6 People Fall Into The Sea.

NorwayA pier has collapsed in Gudvangen, and six persons fell into the water on July 4, 2017, at 2 p.m. Others jumped after them to get them out. The accident happened when a tourist group of 177 people was about to board the “Showtime” that runs between Gudvangen and Flåm and crossed the pier. All of them were accounted for.

Those who fell into the water have been supervised by health personnel. One of them has been sent to the hospital. Divers were sent down to check if anyone was still in the water. The Aurland police cordoned off the area. Investigations showed that he fixture of the float bridge had failed.

“It must have been dramatic for those who experienced this. These are older people, victory sheriff Magne Knudsen in Årdal.

A group of 174 tourists would go aboard a ferry, then the crossing of the dock to the dock collapses. Six people fell into the water, and several others jumped out to help.

“There is no doubt that the fixture on the float bridge has failed” said Magne Knudsen.

He was among the many people who drove out to the city when they received a message that the dock had collapsed. When he arrived in town, colleagues from Aurland had control of the situation.