Part of the Seamen with the Ship Stuck in the UAE Returned to Russia

A part of the Russian sailors from the ships of the company Nakhodka-Portbunker, which got stuck in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), returned to their homeland, seven more people should repatriate this week, told RIA Novosti the chairman of the Far Eastern regional organization Russian Seafarers’ Union Sukhanov.


Earlier, the Russian Sailors’ Union (RPSM) reported that relatives of the crew members of the Russian motor ship “Carolina Wind” applied to the Nakhodka transport prosecutor’s office with a request to help with the repatriation of seamen. Problems on the ship were with the payment of wages, as well as with the delivery of food. The vessel cannot leave the Persian Gulf in the UAE due to the expiry of the validity period of the ship’s documents. Also since June in the UAE is the tanker “Crystal East” of the same shipowner. The vessel Gazprombank was seized. On board there are seven crew members.


“We contacted the crew of Crystal East, in the middle of November – that is, already these days – they are preparing a replacement of seven people. And, perhaps, this week seamen are repatriated. Water, food and fuel are on board, the situation has normalized. With the “Carolina Nord” three sailors have already repatriated, they came a replacement. Three more remained on the ship, as they did not finish the contract, “said Sukhanov.Russian Sailors Nakhodka Portbunker


According to him, now the issue of new documents and the release of the vessel from arrest are being decided. After this, the shipowner will decide the issue of leaving the port and, possibly, the sale of ships.


Source: Maritime News of Russia