One seaman missing after tugboat Crosby Commander sank in the Gulf of Mexico

Crosby CommanderOne seaman is missing after tugboat Crosby Commander sank in the Gulf of Mexico on 30 nautical miles off Louisiana, USA. The accident occurred in early morning (approximately 5 a.m.) on Monday in the waters south off Marsh Island. The vessel with four crew started taking water, which threatened the vessel from capsizing. Three of the crew succeeded to abandon the tug into a liferaft before sinking of the tugboat, but one seamen was not accounted and went missing. The survivors in the life raft were rescued by nearby motor vessel Andi Nicole, all being in good health condition and without injuries.

The local authorities organized large scale search and rescue operation for the missing seaman. Into the SAR are engaged three coast guard cutters, two Crosby Tugs, airplane, two helicopters, as well as merchant ships Andi Nicole, GIS Christina, Dustin Danos and Son River. Crews are still searching in the water and from overhead for the missing seaman, whose identity was not released.

The investigation for the root cause of the sinking of tugboat Crosby Commander is under way. There are no additional details for the accident.

The tugboat Crosby Commander has overall length of 14.00 m, moulded beam of 8.00 m and maximum draft of 3.00 m. The vessel was built in 1978 and operated under flag of USA. The tugboat is part from the fleet of Crosby Tugs LLC, headquartered in Galliano, Louisiana.