Oily sheen from petroleum products was detected at Port of Azov

Port of Azov oil leakOily sheen from petroleum products was detected at Russian seaport of Azov in Black Sea. The pollution was detected in June 8 at the area AMP 3151-3163 km and reported by dockworkers to the port authorities. The assessment of the pollution was made and the area was surrounded by oil booms to restrict spreading of the oil spot. A few minutes later at the area was sent port boat Nika, which was carrying water cleansing equipment and the oil spot was eliminated. The local hazmat teams made inspections of the water in the port area, but did not found any disturbances in water indicators.

The local authorities initiated investigation for the source of the oil leak and the responsible for the water pollution.

According to local authorities the oil leak was restricted to port area and did not affected the environment.

Azov port is located on a line of 9-th intermodal corridor intended for movement of cargoes from the north on the south, and also is effective in work with freight traffics of the Balkan-Danube and Mediterranean directions. It is some kind of the main gate connecting Mediterranean sea with internal water system of Russia and Caspian sea.