Oil Spill After Sinking Of Tanker 

After the sinking of the “Aiga Zoni II” in the Saronic Gulf with 2.570 tons of fuel – 2,200 tons of fuel oil and 370 tons of diesel – on board, an oil spill occurred between Kinossoura and Selinion. Two barriers of floating dams have been installed, while private divers tried to seal the vents of the sunken tanker on Sep 11.

The work was expected to be completed within one day, while the pollution in the sea area was to be addressed in the best possible way at all levels. For the disposal of the fuel, a plan was to be submitted to the Marine Authorities by a private company that has taken over the whole business. The reason for the sinking was said to have been a sudden water ingress into the engine room.

This information was expected to be investigated by the experts appointed by the Piraeus Port Authority in the frame of the investigation of the maritime accident. According to the first testimonies of crew members, the tanker had started to sink with the stern. At the time of the shipwreck, only two of a total of 11 crew members were on board who escaped in the last minute and were rescued by another bunker tanker and a tug in good health.


The captain and the engineer of the tanker were arrested for negligence and have been interrogated by the Piraeus Main Port Authority. Afterwards they were temporarily released by the prosecutors until a regular trial is scheduled. The preliminary investigation of the case is undertaken by the 2nd Keratinini Port Department of the Central Port Authority of Piraeus.

The ship had scome from the ELPE refineries in Aspropyrgos and temporarily moored SW of Atalanti island until the departure for Piraeus, where the cargo was to be transferred on another ship. The tanker was said to be in no good state with sea water pipes having been patched in different places to cover holes. The ship very often was at least close to being overloaded.