Oil Pipeline Can Reach the Arctic Ocean for Transportation of Siberian Oil by Tankers

The Zapolyarye-Purpe oil pipeline can reach the Arctic Ocean for transportation of West Siberian oil by tankers. The Deputy Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for Economics Dmitriy Artyukhov told the IA “Morvesti.Ru” about this at the conference “The New Program of Social and Economic Development of the Arctic”, which was held on September 13 in Moscow.

“There is such a project, it is being discussed,” said the representative of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. “But this is a very ambitious project, it will have to undergo a serious expert discussion.”

“Now all the oil collected in Western Siberia, descends to the Urals, where it mixes with the Ural oil. As a result, the premium Siberian variety is converted to the all-Russian Urals variety with all the resulting discounts at a price, after which it is exported through existing pipelines. At the same time, Yamal is developing a powerful logistics base for tanker delivery, “D. Artyukhov explained the project’s background.

Zapolyarye Purpe Pipeline

“The idea seems logical that the project of finishing the pipe system of the Polar region – Purpe to the shore of the Arctic Ocean can be viable. You need to choose a place where there are appropriate depths, and build a terminal for shipping oil. Thus, it will be possible to take raw materials that are mined in North-West Siberia and send it not down to the Urals, but upward to the Arctic. And through the new port along the Northern Sea Route it is completely free, without complications connected with politics, to transport oil even to the west, even to the east, “he continued.

“This project has yet to be seriously considered. The construction of such a pipeline will be very capital intensive. In addition, certain economic ties that have developed over the years are being violated. No one will be hacked from the shoulder, but nevertheless the project exists and experts discuss it. And if it is implemented, the Northern Sea Route will bypass freight turnover both the Baltic and the Azov-Black Sea basin, “the deputy head of the region concluded.