Oil leaked at the water area of Port of Nakhodka in Russia

Port of NakhodkaOil leaked at the water area of Port of Nakhodka in Russia, causing environmental pollution. Dockworkers spotted fuel oil water surface near the berth number 43 of Seaside Factory and immediately reported the accident to the local authorities. The contamination was found in the night of January 17 and had size of 20 x 20 meters, restricted by ice blocked, which did not allowed spreading of the oil spot. The local authorities contacted Nakhodka Primorsky branch of MCC Rosmorrechflot, which dispatched rescue ship SRM-1409 and trucks with necessary equipment to eliminate the oil leak. Oil booms were laid to restrict the spreading of the leak.

The pollution cleansing was under way until January 18 evening, collecting several hundred tons of oily water. Unfortunately the rescue ship SRM-1409 stuck into the ice and there was immediate danger for her seaworthiness. The water cleansing operation was extremely dangerous and was several times stopped due to ice conditions. At the scene was dispatched the lifeguard vessel Svetlomor-3, which aims to release the stuck rescue ship SRM-1409 from the thick ice.

The water cleansing will be resumed after the salvage operations are completed, but there is no danger for spreading of the oil spot.

The investigation of the local authorities showed that pollution was caused by heating oil leak from the city collector. The source of the leak was identified and the leak was stopped.