Oil barge RTC 150 ran aground at Hudson River near New York

Barge RTC 150 agroundThe oil barge RTC 150 ran aground at Hudson River near Catskill, New York. The convoy, pushed by tug Meredith Reinauer, stuck into the sandy bottom during a northbound voyage to Albany with 60,000 barrels of refined gasoline on board. Fortunately during the grounding there were no structural damages of the barge and no breaches, which prevented from serious environmental disaster. The accident was reported to the Coast Guard and local authorities, which sent pollution response teams and investigation officials to monitor the grounded site. All the state and local agencies were also on scene, investigating the root cause of the further actions of the salvage operations.

There were no reported oil leaks and water pollution. The Coast Guard ordered 60,000 barrels of gasoline from the grounded vessel RTC 150 to be transferred to another barge and later during the day to consider refloating with the high tide. The situation is under local authorities control due to high environmental risk. Just after completion of the salvage, the barge will be returned to the shipowner and will be allowed to resume voyage to Albany.

“The Hudson River is a critical piece of the Empire State, both environmentally and economically, and we are launching a full-scale response to ensure this incident does not threaten it”, said the governor in a prepared statement after viewing the stuck barge.

The safety zone has been established around the grounded barge and other vessels on the river were informed of the accident.