Offshore oil platform caught fire in Gulf of Mexico

platform fireOffshore oil platform caught fire in Gulf of Mexico on 80 nautical miles south off Grand Isle, Louisiana. The fire was caused by explosion after leak on the deck. Four people near the site of the fire jumped into the water and were later rescued by the Coast Guard’s supply vessel Mary Wyatt Milano, which responded the distress call. To the accident responded nearby supply vessels, which immediate started firefighting and poured flames with water. There were no reported injuries and water pollution, but Clean Gulf, an oil spill response organization, was on its way to the platform to assess the situation.

The local authorities and Coast Guard continue fighting the flames. There is no information about exact root causes of the accident. The investigation is under way. There is no immediate danger for the seaworthiness of the oil platform.

The crew of Mary Wyatt Milano and three other offshore supply vessels are currently fighting the fire. The area monitored by the HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircrew from Mobile, Alabama. There was no immediate word if oil was released and if so, how much.

The local authorities did not revealed the name of the platform or if it was operational. The further reports of the Coast Guard is expected to give more information for the accident.